Personal Training Internship

Pulse Fitness prides itself in building the best personal trainers in the industry. Scott Genord, the internship director, has a background in Exercise Science & Kinesiology and over 15 years of experience in Fitness Including: Collegiate Sports – NFL – High school Football Coaching – Personal Training – Motivational Appearances and Physical Therapy – all on top of being a business owner in the industry. Scott works with prospective trainers to give them experience and knowledge with the variety of clients that we see every day. By shadowing our staff, interns will be able to practice their own personal style of training while learning from the best how to develop individualized workouts – modifications to movements – setting up fitness programs and performing physical assessments. Interns will also be involved in sponsored Fitness Events the Pulse Team supports throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to work out of both our facilities around the Metro Detroit Area with a staff full of experience and clients of all varieties.

Group Fitness Instructor Internship

If you are someone that has a passion for group fitness, has tons of energy and is always looking for the next best trend in fitness, our Group Instructor Internship could be a great match for you!

We are constantly revamping and improving our group fitness schedule at Pulse – bringing in new instructors and ideas is the best way to keep things fresh! Much like our personal training internship, our group instructors in training will have the opportunity to shadow our classes and instructors in and out of the classroom. Interns will come away with the tools needed to not only instruct classes but to build a successful and ongoing group fitness program! Choose a specific class we offer to start learning or a combination of classes – Bring us something completely new and we can work to get that implemented into our group fitness program!


Interested in joining the Pulse Team? We offer internships leading to employment for Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction Careers.